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Tullys is a pest control business based in Bo’ness, Central Scotland. Areas we service include,
Grangemouth, Falkirk, Forth Valley and Stirlingshire and throughout West Lothian.

We take pride in offering our customers a fast, effective and professional service. We always take great care and time to provide you with the advice and reassurance you need .

Having pests in your home can be distressing and worrisome. There is also a potential health hazard. Repairs can be very costly if the problem is not dealt with promptly. This can add to an already stressful and distressing situation.

Give Tullys a call for a professional solution to your pest problems. Whether at your home or business you are assured of an excellent and professional customer service from start to finish.



Wasp nests can be found in a variety of locations, from garden sheds, garages, outbuildings, wall cavities, loft spaces. Wasps are at their most active during the warmer months. Later in the season a Wasp nest can hold several thousand Wasps and if disturbed whether intentially or by accident can cause Wasps to attack in big numbers.



Ants become a problem during the warmer months making their way into domestic and commercial properties as they look for their next meal, they are often attracted to kitchens by leftover food, open packets not being stored properly or spillages not being cleared up properly.



Once Cockroaches are found to be present in your home or business it is important to tackle the problem at an early stage to stop any infestation spreading within your property or into neighbouring properties. Cockroaches are known carriers of diseases such as Salmonella and Gastroenteritis.


Bed Bugs

Bedbugs will stay close to a food source so will normally be found where people sleep, although they can be found several feet away from the food source. Once bedbugs are found to be present in your home or business you will want them eradicated as quickly as possible to reduce the stress and frustration at this difficult time.


Mice & Rats

The damage rodents can cause can be extremely costly as they can gnaw through insulation, pipework, and electrical wiring.
Rats and Mice can both transmit diseases such as Weils disease ( in the case of the rat ) and Salmonellosis, as they look for food and shelter.



Grey Squirrels can cause serious damage as they can gnaw through insulation and electrical wiring. Typically found in lofts or attics, Squirrels can be found almost anywhere in the house if safe passage allows.


Other pests

If your pest problem is not listed please call or send a message using the contact form with all details.

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