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Tullys is a pest control business based in Bo’ness, Central Scotland. Some of the areas we service include, Falkirk, Forth Valley, Grangemouth, Larbert, Linlithgow, Polmont, Stenhousemuir , Stirlingshire, The Braes and throughout West Lothian.

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Having pests in your home can be distressing and worrisome. There is also a potential health hazard. Repairs can be very costly if the problem is not dealt with promptly. This can add to an already stressful and distressing situation.

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The Black garden ant is found throughout the UK. It is common around homes and the workplace, the worker ants enter through cracks in brickwork, fabric of the building and around windows in a relentless search for food.

Once a rich source of food is found, this information is communicated back to the nest where large numbers of ants will follow a trail from the nest back to the food source. Nest openings can be distinguished by small piles of soil and usually on the south facing side of your property, this way absorbing the heat from the sun when at its warmest.

Ants become a problem during the warmer months making their way into domestic and commercial properties as they look for their next meal, they are often attracted to kitchens by leftover food, open packets not being stored properly or spillages not being cleared up properly.


Grey Squirrels

Squirrels can gain entry into your loft space by chewing through soffits, fascia boards or if they find any gaps around your roof to take shelter, or residence. They can cause significant damage within the loft space by chewing cables creating potential fire hazards, sometimes no belongings stored in the loft will go untouched. Typically found in loft spaces, squirrels can be found almost anywhere in the house if safe passage allows. Although the grey squirrel in a lot of peoples eyes is a cute, and harmless, the damage they can cause within properties, and there decimation of birds nests and its contents, can be formidable.



Two common types of cockroaches reside in the UK. These are Oriental cockroaches (Blatta Orientalis) and German cockroaches (Blattella Germanica).

The German cockroach is the more commonly found one of the two and can be found worldwide. These pests can be found in almost every human-occupied space where conditions allow, but within  restaurants, hotels and takeaways and other food facilities you can find increased numbers.

Once Cockroaches are found to be present in your home or business it is important to tackle the problem at an early stage to stop any infestation spreading within your property or into neighbouring properties. Cockroaches are known carriers of diseases such as Salmonella and Gastroenteritis. Recent studies have indicated cockroaches can also cause allergies.


Mice & Rats

Rats and mice will find a suitable habitat in pretty much every scenario there is, they are the most commonly found rodents in the UK, becoming not only a nuisance but also a serious health risk, both transmit diseases such as Weils disease ( in the case of the rat ) and Salmonella, as they look for food and shelter.

The damage rodents can cause can also be extremely costly as they can gnaw through insulation, pipework, and electrical wiring, again causing a risk of fire or water damage within your property.



Fleas are external parasites which can be found attached to the skin of their hosts. Adult fleas measure approximately 1/8-inch in length. Their bodies are shiny and reddish-brown in colour. They are covered with microscopic hair which are compressed to allow for easy movement through animal fur. Fleas can jump long distances even though they do not have wings. They have three sets of elongated legs.  In their entire 2-year lifetime these unpleasant pests can produce up to a staggering 1000 eggs. If fleas are spotted in your home, act promptly to stop the spread.



Wasp nests can be found in a variety of locations, from garden sheds, garages, outbuildings, wall cavities, loft spaces. Wasps are at their most active during the warmer months. Later in the season a wasp nest can hold several thousand wasps and if disturbed whether intentially or by accident can cause them to become aggressive and to attack in big numbers. In the UK, the Common wasp and German wasp cause the most annoyance and painful stings.


Other pests

If your pest problem is not listed please call or send a message using the contact form with all details.

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