Other Services

Deer Control

Deer can become problematic within Agricultural environments and Industrial properties and on occasion Rural Domestic properties. We can remove or reduce deer populations to an acceptable level. 

Rabbit Control

Rabbits can cause a vast amount of damage through burrowing and grazing. They are also prolific breeders and produce young throughout the year should conditions allow. 

Starling Proofing

Starlings often make their nest in the eaves of your home, gaining access from ill fitting tiles or damaged soffits and fascias. We will remove any nests once all occupants have left and proof your home from these unwanted pests.

Squirrel Proofing

We can proof a small entry point or if needed we can replace damaged soffits and fascias once all squirrels have been removed from within the property.

Wasp Nest Removal

Once a wasp treatment is completed and nest deemed inactive, we can remove the nest where access is possible. We can also remove any other old nests which may already have been within your property.

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