‘Watch out for wasps’ says BPCA member Bayer

by | Jun 30, 2019 | General, Wasps

Signs of a second bumper wasp season in as many years are being seen across the country and BPCA member Bayer suggests the mild winter is to blame.

In a press release published this week, Bayer national account and technical manager, Richard Moseley, explained that patterns in previous years show that the severity of wasp activity alternates annually.

However this year looks set to be buzzing again. 


“A number of pest managers have indicated they’re concerned wasp activity will be high for a second year in a row,” says Richard.

“A high number of queens have already been seen across the country, which is likely to be due to the unseasonably mild winter and spring, this means populations didn’t decline in the winter as they have done in previous years,” he explains.

Richard adds that it’s important to monitor wasp activity closely, as the earlier infestations are identified and treated, the easier they will be to control.

“Wasp nests generally start to develop in spring when populations of other insects, such as aphids, spiders and small flies, start to rise, providing a food source for queens to start the lifecycle again,” Richard explains.

He adds that aphid activity was noted earlier than usual this year which is likely to have contributed to the early wasp activity.

“Call outs this year will be dependent on the weather going forward, if temperatures increase it’s likely that wasp populations will do the same. It’s important pest managers are prepared for another year of high activity, especially as so many queens survived the winter and temperatures are still very mild,” concludes Richard.

Wasps are one of the UK’s most feared and aggressive pests, and their stings can cause severe allergic reactions. Read our ultimate guide on controlling wasps, which includes advice on identifying their nests and treating stings.


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